If podcasting is pirate radio maybe we should fly the Jolly Roger

Today’s let’s learn about pirate flags. Or at least the most famous, the Jolly Roger.

While piracy on the high seas is still a real threat to mariners the high times (1550 to 1750) of piracy are long gone. What we have left is some fun myths, affectations, and the classic flag- the Jolly Roger.

Yes that is right, flags have names. The classic skull and cross bones pirate the is known as the Jolly Roger. The name is probably an English corruption of the French joli rouge, which means pretty red. Before the infamous Jolly Roger, pirates would signal their intentions by raising a red flag.

Today you can get your hands on a Jolly Roger, a Blackbeard or a Walter Kennedy pirate flag at 826Velencia.org. 826Valencia.org is a pirates supply shop in San Francisco, kind of. In truth it is front for a writing center established by David Eggers to help students, ages 8–18, to develop their writing skills. Egger’s found this location, 826 Valencia, and decided it would be a great location for a tutoring center. But alas the zoning was for retail only. So Eggers opened a pirate supply shop in the front and the writing center in the back. Surprisingly the pirate show now almost completely funds for the writing center. In fact the pirates shop is so incredible David Byrne dryly remarked 826 Valencia is “Definitely one of the top five pirate stores I have been to recently.”

So if you want a pirate flag 826 Valencia is the the best place to shop. Plus your purchase will help the writing center.

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