A Rad Podcast

Today’s Podcast is back. Again I would like to apologize for the long hiatus.

Today’s word is Radura. It is a proper noun. The Radura is the international symbol indicating a food product has been irradiated. All irradiated products sold since 1986 must carry the Radura. The Radura is usually green and resembles a plant in circle. The top half of the circle is dashed.

The requirement is seen by consumer groups as a helpful warning to consumers concerned about irradiated foods. The food industry, on the other hand sees the labeling requirement as a barrier to bringing cheaper, safer foods to consumers. Both groups agree the Radura labeling requirement is the primary reason very few food products are irradiated.

I came across this word in Eric Schlosser’s eye-opening book Fast Food Nation. The book examines the history and the alarming current state of the fast food industry in North America. It is a very scary book. I will not be eating fast food for long time- hopefully ever.

An exciting side note, at least for me. Radura is th first entry I personally added to Wikipedia.

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