Podcasting a Screencast about an Umlaut

Today we have a great new word that is both a neologism because you won’t find it in a dictionary and it is a portmanteau because it is a combination of two other words. It is screencast.A screencast is a recording of a computer screen. It is usually narrated. Screencasts are often used to explain or demonstrate a software feature. For example if you want to see how I record my podcast I there is a link to a screencast of me recording this podcast.If you want to see a more interesting screencast check out Jon Udell’s screencast of the history of the Wikipedia article on Heavy Metal Umlauts. By the way Jon coined the term screencast just last year and the umlaut is the two little dots above a vowel. Jon’s screencast is wonderful. It demonstrates how articles in Wikipedia grow and change. The light hearted subject of heavy metal umlauts is also very entertaining. Fans of Spinal Tap will particularly appreciate the screencast and the article even though they don’t go to eleven.Screencast cionI used the freeware Windows application Wink to create my screencast. The result is a Flash file which seems to the screencast file format of choice. If you would like create your own screencast check out Jon’s Screencast How To over at O’reilly.I am still looking for a more descriptive name for Today’s Podcast. Please help me with some suggestions.

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