I never knew I was an ADR editor and a podcaster


Today’s word is actually just initials. They are A.D.R.. And they have been haunting me for years now. When I see a movie at the theater I like to stay and watch the credits. I think it is interesting to see how many people it takes to make a movie and what interesting jobs they have. Like a gaffer, a best boy or the second assistant to Ms. Jolie’s hairdresser.

Now ADR always comes up with all the audio related jobs, but I have never figured out what they stand for. Well they stand for Automatic Dialogue Replacement. The ADR editor is the person who is responsible for rerecording the dialog tracks in a movie. This is usually done when the original scene was recorded with too much background noise. The actors watch the film and their lips while rerecording their dialog.

This editing it is also done to change the actual dialog or inflection of a line. In these cases the scene probably can’t reveal the actors lips moving to the wrong line.

Next time you are at the movies take an extra five minutes and read the names people who made the movie and see who the A.D.R. editor was.

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