No obligation to believe a podcast

Today we have a quote. I think you, the listener prefer the words and definitions, but I like to through in a few quotes.

This quote is from Michel Eyguem de Montaigne. A French 16th century Renaissance philosopher who does not have an entry at Wikipedia. There are lots of reference materials out there for anyone who want to be the first to write the wiki entry.

The quote is:

All I say is by way of discourse, and nothing by way of advice. I would not
speak so boldly if it were your obligation to believe me.’

Michel Eyguem de Montaigne

I think this quote is apropos because I would not record these podcasts if I thought you, the listener, was obligated to believe me. I do make every effort to to ensure my facts are straight but hey this is just a podcast, not the The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

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