A podcast of Bobby Knight quotes- I would subscribe

Today we have a quote from Bobby Knight the famous or perhaps infamous coach of the legendary Indiana University basketball team. No it is not the one about losing to Purdue.

In 1976 his Hossiers were undefeated, winning 32 games. No NCAA team has repeated that feat. He also coached the 1984 US Olympic team to a Gold. In short Bobby Knight is a winner.

Here are his words:

Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.

Bobby Knight

This quote reminds me that most of the work and the pain comes before the game, both in basketball and in life.

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A Rad Podcast

Today’s Podcast is back. Again I would like to apologize for the long hiatus.

Today’s word is Radura. It is a proper noun. The Radura is the international symbol indicating a food product has been irradiated. All irradiated products sold since 1986 must carry the Radura. The Radura is usually green and resembles a plant in circle. The top half of the circle is dashed.

The requirement is seen by consumer groups as a helpful warning to consumers concerned about irradiated foods. The food industry, on the other hand sees the labeling requirement as a barrier to bringing cheaper, safer foods to consumers. Both groups agree the Radura labeling requirement is the primary reason very few food products are irradiated.

I came across this word in Eric Schlosser’s eye-opening book Fast Food Nation. The book examines the history and the alarming current state of the fast food industry in North America. It is a very scary book. I will not be eating fast food for long time- hopefully ever.

An exciting side note, at least for me. Radura is th first entry I personally added to Wikipedia.

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